Our team

Who We Are, What We Stand For

At Sinova Global, we are committed to an ethical, purpose-driven operation that benefits all parties. We wish to create a strategic operation across all our initiatives to ensure an optimized, efficient, effective, responsible approach while employing environmentally sustainable practices. The potential of our products to support a cleaner economy is something that we are very proud of.

The Sinova Global leadership has secured a strategic management team with proven in-house technical knowledge. Our extended team is dedicated to elevating the company’s performance at every level, from mining and processing to R&D, environmental stewardship, and governance. Sinova Global will work to provide visibility and traceability, empower partners that wish to use our high purity quartz for a better, cleaner, and greener world.  

Jayson Tymko

President and CEO

Jim May

Chief Operating Officer

David Sparrow

Chief Financial Officer

Dave Tuten

Managing Director, Silicon

Craig Johnson

CTO and Program Director

Chauncey Beggs

Director, Finance