A North American solution for HIGH PURITY QUARTZ

Sinova Global supplies to the Green Transition with Quartz at 99.9% nominal purity
from British Columbia, Canada

Our Quartz reaches 4N (99.9 +%) SiO2 Purity without any benefaction. Learn More

We will be the first carbon-neutral high purity quartz mine in North America by 2022. Taking responsibility for the effects of our operations is a priority. Learn More

Our raw quartz rock is mined and processed in Golden, B.C, Canada. Our customers can rely on this resource for 70-90 years. Learn More…


See Where our Quartz Makes a Difference

The uniqueness of our quartz provides a unique white colour and consistency for sensitive applications.


Sinova’s long-term climate target is to produce quartz with a low to zero carbon footprint.

Supporting the Paris Agreement, Sinova has targeted to reduce its CO2 to zero. Substantial investments are being made to reach the target, striving to increase energy efficiency and decrease the usage of fossil fuels.

Vegetation planting

While we are developing the open-pit mine we will also be planting vegetation.

Electric Vehicles

Transportation and haulage vehicles will all EV.

Solar Energy

Our processing equipment will entirely be powered by solar.

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