QUARTZ that makeS a difference

Fully optimized and industry-ready high purity quartz for all your complicated needs. Our operations offer reliable, consistent, and the highest purity quartz in North America.

Exceptionally well positioned to meet the needs of strategic markets


Up to 1.4 Million tonnes annual production


Tonnes of monthly Production Capacity

We are working towards becoming the only carbon-neutral silica mine in the world, in Golden, B.C., Canada.

Physical Properties

The uniqueness of our quartz provides a unique white colour and consistency for sensitive applications.  


100mm x 12mm (90% in range)


Low friability compared to other quartz

Thermal Stability

Medium to high as tested by Sintef Institute

Chemical Composition

Sinova Resources, a division of Sinova Global, offers reliable, consistent, and the highest purity of quartz in North America.


Where Our Silica Quartz is used

The uniqueness of our quartz provides a unique white colour and consistency for sensitive applications.

The Horse Creek Mine yields high-purity natural silica. This silica will be manufactured to sizes that cater to countless applications. 

Glass structure with solar panels. The sun is glaring through the glass.


For any glass-making applications that require only the best quality feedstock. We are a massive proven source of silica with nominal iron content between 100-300ppm which is ideal for flint glass and architectural float glass for the civil construction industry.

Close up of polycrystalline silicon

Silicon Metal

We provide consistently +99.8% purity quartz. Only the best will do to produce silicon metal. Our quartz is the building block for silicones used in building materials, polysilicon used in solar, semiconductor wafers and as an alloying agent for aluminum.

Smooth Concrete building with trees in the background


Durable yet consistent for all your building applications. Silicones offer three major technologies to the construction industry in the form of sealants, water repellents and coatings.

Man playing golf with bunker in the foreground


From sandbox, long jump pits to golf courses, and recreational surfaces. Our silica can be turned into sand that is used for golf course bunkers and greens as well as the construction of natural or synthetic athletic fields.

Little girl getting a glass of pure water from a tap

Filtration Media

Coarse quartz gravel, that is, grain sizes >2 mm, are available for use as support gravel. Chemically inert, silica will not degrade or react when it comes in contact with acids, contaminants, volatile organics, or solvents.