Game-changer in the fight against climate change

Working to hit our goals for carbon neutrality for your supply chain. We understand that important of an end-to-end supply chain is net-zero. Afterall, this is a global opportunity. We are the partner that is anchoring it’s strategy to a carbon-neutral operation. As an upstream supplier, it’s our goal to partner with companies that are looking to support best practices in certification, traceability, and policy advocacy. We see this as a giant untapped opportunity for climate action.

Exceptionally well positioned to meet the needs of strategic markets


Up to 1.4 Million tonnes maximum annual production


Tonnes of monthly Production Capacity

We are working towards becoming the only carbon-neutral silica mine in the world, in Golden, B.C., Canada.

Our roadmap will cover the entire value chain to deliver:

Optimising your supply chain is a powerful way to mitigate future disruptions to supply, secure the quantity and quality of high purity quartz all while you navigate the demands of ESG.

Naturally Pure

Our Horse Creek Deposit yields high-purity natural silica quartz. With optimal purity and sizes based on your needs, we can cater to numerous applications.


Customized based on your needs

We are developing our technical team so that we can be ready to refine our silica to your specific requirements.

Sinova Global’s extraction and proposed transformation operations are being engineered to tap into the highest environmental performance, clean hydroelectricity, solar and EV where possible, and a no-waste policy to deliver green materials with a net-zero carbon footprint.