We will be the first carbon-neutral quartz mine in North America by 2022

Sinova’s long-term climate target is to produce quartz with a low to zero carbon footprint.

Supporting the Paris Agreement, Sinova has targeted to reduce its CO2 to zero. Substantial investments are being made to reach the target, striving to increase energy efficiency and decrease the usage of fossil fuels.

Sinova wants to set an example for the mining industry to produce minerals with a low impact on nature and climate. We will constantly be doing the necessary reclamation work.

Vegetation planting

While we are developing the open-pit mine we will also be planting vegetation. For example, for each tree that we need to remove, we will be planting two trees to replace it

Electric Vehicles

Transportation and haulage vehicles are all EV. And we will continue to research and innovate new ways to introduce green technology across the entire organization. Regenerative drives developed for mining vehicles are leading to superior overall efficiencies through savings in energy usage and ventilation systems.

People reviewing solar panel installation

Solar Energy

Our processing equipment is entirely powered by solar. Supplementing with solar power can help cut costs significantly and increase the reliability of our energy supply. Loss of power, of course, can be catastrophic for any mining operation.

Our Approach to Sustainability

We believe that the path to a sustainable future is achievable through economic growth geared towards environmental decision-making. Therefore, our goals and initiatives are to mitigate our impacts on the global climate in a socially, environmentally, and economically favourable manner.

Sinova Global is also currently in the process of applying for membership with the Mining Association of Canada. In doing this, we commit to the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) Guiding Principles and contribute to sustainable mining’s overall success.

Mining Association of Canada

Local Community Support and Volunteering

At Sinova we believe it is vital to be a responsible partner in the communities where we live and work. Dialogue and community matter. We are developing a strategy to generate dialogue with the local communities, including community development projects, job security, safe operations, emissions, and other environmental issues and traffic generated by the mine.

Our operations in Golden, B.C. wish to have a positive impact on the local community. We will be planning local initiatives and support programs. Sinova’s community support includes initiatives for better education and local infrastructure, sports activities, local community poverty reduction and food support, and other social impact initiatives.

Other key priorities include:

A group of people holding hands in a community