Pure, Sustainable, and Reliable

Pure innovation starts here

We are the partner that will ensure purity, consistency, and a continuously reliable source of high purity quartz.

We will enable sustainable economic growth by providing products that enable the decarbonization of the environment. While supporting communities and protecting the planet.

We will deliver the finest quartz and silicon for our customers so that together we can create a 
better future.

Sinova’s high purity quartz is an ideal material for manufacturing the crucibles used in the casting of silicon for photovoltaic cells that make up solar panels and semiconductor components.

In the aluminum and steel industry, Sinova’s quartz pebbles, once transformed into silicon, are essential ingredients in the manufacture of ferroalloys and silicon for aluminum alloy and silicone production.

Sinova Resources produces quartz pebbles that are processed for decorative use. We also serve the construction, recreation, glass, and filtration media sectors.

The numbers speak for themselves

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The proven purity of our quartz


Potential tonnes of quartz mined annually​

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Years of available high purity quartz

What makes us different?

hand holding polycrystalline silicon polysilicon

Quality Unsurpassed​

At Sinova, our vision is to create a trusted quartz solution for the North American market.

We strive to lead in offering our exceptionally high-grade quartz for clients that value our approach to customer service. We are here to pursue a zero-carbon roadmap and contribute to the local community.

Industry supported with two million tonnes utilized to produce high-quality silicon. We are a proven, sustainable, and consistent resource.

Female forest ranger planting trees

Sustainability at our Core​

We believe that the path to a sustainable future is achievable through economic growth geared towards environmental decision-making.

Our goals and initiatives are to mitigate our impacts on the global climate in a socially, environmentally, and economically favourable manner.

Sinova Global is also currently in the process of applying for membership with the Mining Association of Canada. In doing this, we commit to the Towards Sustainable Mining Guiding Principles and contribute to sustainable mining’s overall success.

engineer team working on replacement solar panel

Innovative Solutions​

Our operations, our products, and our customer experience excellence are all part of our goal to ensure that we are working smarter.

Significant improvements and upgrades are made at the operations level. These improvements ensure cost competitiveness.

Sinova has next-generation technologies in efficiency and sustainability. Including onsite solar panels, electric mining equipment, recycling water where possible.

Our Mission

To be a global leader providing the foundation that enables the transition to clean energy. We improve the future of communities and the planet through sustainability.

Our Purpose

Through innovation and efficiency, provide the cleanest materials for a greener planet.