What is Silicon Metal?

Silicon metal is an essential building block in the transition to a low-carbon, green economy. It has applications in both legacy and fast developing end user markets, being central to the production of aluminum and other alloys, silicones, electronics (including computer chips) and solar cells, with emerging applications in the development of next- generation EV batteries and energy storage. With the increased adoption of EVs and the growth of solar power as a sustainable replacement for hydrocarbons, the demand for the key material inputs to these emerging technologies is anticipated to rise dramatically in the coming years.

Lower grades of silicon metal are used in the manufacture of primary aluminum and aluminum alloys which are used as an alternative to steel and other metals in the manufacture of automotive parts in order to construct more fuel-efficient auto, rail and marine vehicles.

Intermediate grades of silicon metal are used in the manufacture of silicones which are synthetic polymers used in a wide variety of applications serving the construction, personal care, automotive and medical supply industries.

The highest grades of silicon metal are the primary input into the manufacture of polysilicon, as well as solar grade silicon. Polysilicon is an essential material in the production of both semiconductors (for integrated circuits) for the electronics industry and photovoltaic cells for the manufacture of solar panels. High grade silicon metal is being extensively researched as an input into battery anodes for EV and grid storage technology.

Sinova Global aims to become a leading North American producer of high-purity silicon metal outside of China, with the ability to offer some of the highest-purity product available and to provide an integrated silicon metal production asset to serve the fast-developing microchip, solar energy, EV and grid storage battery markets.

hand holding polycrystalline silicon polysilicon


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