Environmental, Social and Governance

Our focus on ESG matters is integral to our mission to generate attractive, sustained financial returns for our investors and to demonstrate benefits to society by providing an essential building block to industries at the forefront of the global transition to sustainable energy.

ESG is therefore a fundamental part of our long-term strategy and is a central aspect of how we manage risk, preserve and create value for investors and other stakeholders. Sinova has undertaken a number of steps to prepare for the commencement of construction and eventual production. This includes a comprehensive identification of ESG risks and materiality analyses, and the establishment of an ESG strategy, policy, and framework that have been reviewed and endorsed by the Board ESG Committee.

Our ongoing and future success depends on developing and maintaining productive relationships with the communities surrounding our operations, including local Indigenous groups, who may have rights or may assert rights
to certain of our properties, and other stakeholders in our operating locations.

We believe our operations can provide valuable benefits to surrounding communities in terms of direct employment, training and skills development and other benefits.