Sinova Quartz

We are developing and expanding production at the historic Horse Creek quarry, renamed as Sinova Quartz, near Golden BC which is permitted for over one million tonnes of annual quartz (or silica) production. The high quality and at least 99.6% pure quartz can be used in the production of high quality and high-purity silicon metal at the manufacturing facility, called Sinova Silicon, being built by the company in the USA.

The logistics may include road, rail and barge transport to the Port of Cates Landing, adjacent to the Company’s plant in Tiptonville, Tennessee.

Quartz from this deposit requires very limited processing relative to material from other quartz operations. With high-purity silica and correspondingly low levels of impurities such as boron, iron, phosphorous and aluminum, the Sinova operation creates minimal by-products and requires less energy to process.

Management plans have been developed to avoid, minimize and mitigate adverse environmental impacts. Management plans include mine emergency response, vegetation, wildlife, soil, erosion and sedimentation, fugitive dust, archaeological chance find procedures, traffic and water.

A tailings management facility is not necessary to mitigate environmental impacts. Only primary crushing will be done on-site then it will be stockpiled and hauled offsite to be processed. A small amount of waste rock is expected and will be used for road maintenance. No wastewater will be treated at the Horse Creek Project as minimal water will be used in processing for dust control, and no tailings facilities will be constructed.